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Startup School 2011 Notes

I attended YCombinator’s StartupSchool 2011. You can download my notes here. Some memorable quotes:

Building a company is like baking a cake… sometimes the eggs get on the roof.
– Marc Andreessen

There’s nothing quite more permanent than a temporary business model.
– Matt Mullenweg

You’ll spend the next 5 years of your life on your startup, don’t choose your idea lightly.
– Paul Graham

One of my more honest investors pulled me aside…
– Max Levchin

In your heads is the future of innovation.
– Ron Conway

I thought Mark Pincus’ interview with Jessica Livingston really brought these leaders of innovation back to human scale. Though Mark Pincus is dealing with problems a world away from what I am dealing with, he’s nevertheless figuring things out as he goes, and fretting that he doesn’t know how.

The common thread that binds all these entrepreneurs is how clueless they once were. They learned along the way. But even now they don’t have a magic crystal ball to look into. They don’t have an unerring instinct to guide them. They fret. They agonize over decisions. They make mistakes. They figure things out and learn.

They are tinkerers, supremely adapt at finding something that works after coutless attempts. They are no prophets.

The one person that seems oracular is Ron Conway. He doesn’t sound very smart. Yet he is somehow always there, at the right place at the right time with the right people.

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